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iOS and Mac for Business

iOS and Mac for Business

Intuitive interface

Apple products are easy to use thanks to their intuitive interface that allows employees to access the same Apps no matter if they are on an iPhone, iPad or Mac. This make the employees more productive in their work which generates important savings for the company.

Integrated hardware
and software

Apple designs its own Hardware and Software and this for the company translates into multiple benefits as:

  • Ease of use in corporate environments
  • End-to-End Hardware and Software Security
  • Easy-to-do, IT-controlled Operating System Upgrades
  • Collaboration tools that make employees more productive such as Airdrop, FaceTime, Handoff, Continuity or Apps from the App Store such as Cisco Webex, Cisco Teams and many more.
  • Fewer user support calls to help desks


Companies spend millions of dollars in licensing that makes the hardware they use safer but with Apple is completely different because one of the great benefits for companies that Apple develops its own hardware and software is the security that each product has. Because iOS and macOS are operating systems developed in UNIX, it allows the devices to be encrypted in Hardware and System but also the information that travels as text, voice and video in the Apps that are installed from the factory but also those that are downloaded through the Apple App Store.

Axity has a Cyber Security Practice
certified in the best methodologies in the market.

Our services are based on keeping information secure. How do we do it? We have expert consultants for the analysis of information and environments of our customers, complemented with a SOC, Security Operation Center, with capacity to manage, analyze and mitigate attacks. We cover the cycle of market best practices such as analysis, containment, mitigation and resolution covering a broad portfolio of ciber security  solutions.


Compatibility of Apple products in corporate environments would never have been easier. Apple products are compatible with systems such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, Calendars, networks and VPNs such as Cisco and more technologies.

Easy implementation

One of the biggest concerns in companies is the work and cost of implementing hundreds or thousands of devices in the corporate environment. With Apple’s implementation tools, the company will be able to save a lot of time and reduce costs considerably which allows the employee to access their corporate profiles more quickly from anywhere in the world. Thanks to the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) service, the IT team only has to add the profiles of each user to their MDM (Mobile Device Management) and ready! The user receives his closed device in his box and when he connects to the network, the user will remotely receive all corporate profiles remotely and easily.


In conclusion, Apple and Axity together have demonstrated to companies that the investment to purchase Apple products is less expensive than implementing other platforms and this is thanks to:

  • Integrated Hardware and Software which makes you invest in less licensing such as antivirus or have outdated software by an installed base of old hardware.
  • Security makes your life easier knowing that the applications the employee accesses are free of viruses and malware as well as those that the user downloads from the Apple App Store.
  • Deployment – Thanks to the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP), it will allow you to increase efficiency and reduce costs when deploying Apple devices on a large scale no matter where you command as well as better monitor the applications each user accesses.
  • Axity + Apple Financial Services will help you acquire Apple products through DaaS (Device as a Service) models or leasing with better rates and residuals than those you find in the market and that will make your investment is even less expensive than what you use in other platforms.


As a result, Total Cost of Ownership can be significantly reduced due to the residual value of Apple products, lower licensing and support call costs, security, and device deployment.

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