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Apple Financial Services

Apple Financial Services

DaaS - Device as a Service

Our DaaS solution is a comprehensive service that includes the implementation, administration and maintenance of Apple devices. Axity takes care of everything from the delivery logistics of the device to the security of its contents.

Our DaaS service generates benefits thanks to its flexibility, equipment options and efficiency, giving the possibility to satisfy your business needs regarding the supply of equipment when and where required.
Axity DaaS helps our customers with the support and operation of Apple devices.

Our Axity DaaS solution generates the following benefits:


  • Simplifies the delivery of devices to users
  • Implementation of zero-touch devices
  • Allows the varied selection of devices according to the needs of the user
  • Manage the Apps on the devices (installation and / or updates)
  • Generates efficient inventory control
  • Security by administering and updating Apps Financial model as a service

Leasing de productos Apple

Axity solutions include flexible payment options as they are supported by Apple Financial Services. This allows us to provide financing plans with values ​​below the financing costs of our competitors and have the benefit of conserving the equipment by paying residual costs with values ​​well below the cost of equipment in the market.

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