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CMMI v.2

CMMI v.2

Five points to understand the new version of the model

March 2018 was the launch of version 2.0 del modelo CMMI (Capability Maturity Model for Integration) por el CMMI Institute perteneciente a ISACA (Information Systems Audit & Control Association).

The model had not had an update since 2010 when version 1.3 was published, which will still be valid until 2020. Below is a brief summary of the key points in CMMI V2.

The new generation of the model responds to today’s global economic and business challenges and offers best practices proven in more than 25 years to improve the performance and fundamental capabilities of organizations interested in developing and delivering better products, components and services.

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The capacities to be strengthened are associated with · The capacities to be strengthened are associated with ·
  • Product development and engineering
  • Performance improvement
  • Capacity building and maintenance
  • Management of business soundness
  • Work planning and management
  • Selection and management of suppliers
  • Quality assurance
  • Personnel management
  • Implementation support

Improve business performance

The adoption and application in the organization of the different practices of the model look for as main objective to improve the capacity and the results of the business. The objectives and goals established by the organizationare demonstrated in operational results that are firmly tied to execution on time, quality, within budget and with the level of satisfaction necessary forth client.

The adequate measurement and control of the indicators resulting from the adopted practices shows the performance in the business results, inane objective and demonstrable way. There is no reason to maintain practice that is not offering the expected benefits, the choice is to improve or adopt in the way that best suits the interests of the organization.

Access current best practices

The new version of the model seeks to refresh and publish best practices associated with the needs of today’s economy and business. This approach will enable a continuous adjustment of proven practices in relation to the changing needs of organizations through their online platform.

Create an Agile Base

Current developments are highly demanding in terms of changes and needs. Traditional cycles, in many cases, do not help create effective and practical solutions in response to customer demands.

The model considers support and direction for the adoption and strengthening of processes that use the Scrum structure and its application to improve project outcomes.

Increase the value of benchmarking

The evaluation method is rethought and oriented towards business results. Not only is it demonstrating the adoption of best practices in the organization, it is demonstrating that these improvements translate into concrete benefits for the business. As a consequence, adoption times and costs are reduced and the reliability and consistency of the results are strengthened for comparison between organizations.

Accelerating adoption

Access to model information is via anon line platform that offers, in addition to model practices and considerations, adoption guides and supporting materials that bring the benefits of CMMI within reach.

In this case it must be considered that, unlike previous versions with free information, access to these benefits has a cost that must be paid in order to have and use the model.


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