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Industry 4. 0

Industry 4. 0 · Industry 4. 0 ·

¿What's behind this trend?

Concepts such as Digitalization of the company, Industrial IoT, Smart manufacturing or Connected Enterprise, are terms that are also commonly used to refer to industry 4. 0, and this covers the digital transformation of machinery, production processes and in general the entire productive economy.

In order to be able to explain what industry 4. 0 is, we have to take a look at several of the technological advances that have matured in the last 10 years: the advance of the Internet, the evolution and the lowering of sensors that together with new capacities of communication networks of different types give way to the Internet of things(and of the Internet of Industrial things) and in this way to have data that when contextualized in the productive processes, gives us real information of things that before we only “thought”; to know how they worked.

The exponential increase in the use of smart phones, mobile applications, augmented reality and software to integrate data from various sources such as systems that manage the company (ERP), customer data management systems (CRM), manufacturing execution systems(MES) and sales results on a single platform, all this implementing adequate and controlled security, are technologies that are now directly modifying manufacturing processes, as well as the human resources involved in these processes.

Our main goal in implementing industry4. 0 solutions are to improve production efficiency, create a new and differentiated customer experience, and create new market niches by transforming business models to digital.

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Arturo Montiel

He tells us about Industry 4. 0 and the benefits it brings to the chains, making them evolve at a great speed.

Axity Industry 4. 0 offering adapts to the level of maturity you have in your business. We show you two ways:


If you want to use pre-built solutions that already integrate different technologies that give you value in Avery short time, we have a series of integrated offerings that already include services and that are quickly adopted no matter the level of maturity of industry 4. 0 that you have, here the only thing that is required is that your processes already have automation.

Remote monitoring & control

Interface with industrial systems (OPC, Modbus, Etc.), interacts with level 2 components (SCADAS, PLC's, Other sources), can take automatic actions based on rules that we define.

Digital performance management

It is the gateway to digital manufacturing, helps develop digital capabilities and data mindset, digital boards based on this solution can increase the OEE from 20% to 40% in three months, interacts with level 2 components (SCADAS, PLC's, Other sources).

Real time supply chain optimization

Supply chain visibility, fleet management, tracking of assets involved in the production process, inventory visibility

Smart energy management

Compliance with government regulations, reduction of energy consumption in all phases of production, reliability and availability of energy, maintenance of competitive advantages.

Digital quality management

Improved process efficiency, improved ability to track errors. document systems based on augmented reality, automated root cause analysis

Predictive analitycs

Increase in OEE up to 30%, reduction in maintenance costs and related kits, provision of information for change management, in some industries lowers up to 10x the cost of unplanned repairs.


With the road map solution, we integrate and prioritize your projects, based on a 4. 0 industry maturity study. We involve specialists in Information Technology (IT) and Operation Technology (OT), who are the ones who are oriented to make the machines or production lines in your company work (PLC, SCADAS, HMIs, Manufacturing Software, etc.).

Evaluation and planning

Value Discovery Workshop /Current Reality vs. Future Reality


Strategy implementation / Design, develop, implement


Execution of Integrated Offers / Remote Monitoring & Control, digital Performance Management, smart Energy Management, digital Quality Management, real Time Supply Chain Optimization

Opportunities for your industry

Integral service that contemplates all the elements required to be delivered

Reduced maintenance costs

Increased Productivity

Reduction of unplanned downtime

Improved efficiency in the use of inventories

¿Do you have an Industry 4.0 project?

At Axity we help you revolutionize your industry, representing technologies that unify with the real world.