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Dominate the Analytical Wave

Data & Analytics

Dominate the analytical

When a company TAKESTHE Wave of analytics, it can be agile, know how to sustain itself and let itself go. Analyzing and making use of company information for decision making today is no longer enough.

When a company DOMINATE THE WAVE puts information at the center of the company and turns it into solutions that generate new revenue lines or reduce costs.


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There is an ocean of opportunities for companies to opt for a business strategy based on Data & Analytics, as this is responsible for analyzing large volumes of information using statistical methods of artificial intelligence.

The advantages that this brings with it are impressive, and will be reflected monetarily, in the company’s internal culture and strategy.

Data & Analytics

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Site Evaluation

Identification of the best location for the opening of a new establishment and be more successful in expanding your company.


Identification of the optimal price of products to maximize profits, analyzing micro and macroeconomic factors.

Fraud Detection

Fraud prevention and detection by minimizing damage and maximizing recovery options through intelligence solutions.

Intelligent collection

Evaluation of clients based on their historical behavior, their characteristics and contracted products to define personalized collection strategies.


Implementation of digital transformation strategies that allow us to get to know our clients better and result in an increase in sales.

Risk analysis

Reduction of the company's exposure to risk in areas such as the granting of credits, hiring of personnel and selection of customers or suppliers.

Media analysis

Identification of the characteristics of the content related to the success and/or failure in attracting an audience.

Suggested order

Estimation of future demand and suggested order for each product at each point of sale considering trends, segments and seasonality.


In 2020, more than 40% of the use of data science will be automated, this will be reflected in higher productivity.

Neural Networks

By 2020 20% of companies will dedicate workers to monitor and guide neural networks

Advanced Searches

By 2019 50% of analytical queries, natural language or voice queries will be generated automatically.


By 2019, more than 10% of IT hires will write mainly scripts for interactions with Bots

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