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¿Why does your company need
a Business Intelligence solution in the Cloud?

More and more companies are looking to run their operations through data. However, they are not getting the benefits they expected or are dissatisfied with their current ability to integrate different sources of information and/or practice analysis with them.

Our Cloud BI solution is a Big Data and Business Intelligence Platform in the cloud which provides data acquisition, real-time and batch processing capabilities, as well as the ability to receive insights through analytics and visualizations.

Unlike traditional BI and Data ware house solutions, Cloud BI allows immediate results, unlike the months it takes to implement this type of solutions in conventional projects.

With Cloud BI we
were able to solve 4 fundamental problems of data analysis

We collect information from its original sources, either from the cloud or under premises, secure it by means of encryption and make its transport tithe cloud efficient, following standards and regulations.

Cloud BI provides a single point of contact to manage the entire data lifecycle, from high availability storage for interactive discovery and real time applications, to long term archiving warehouses.

Forget the infrastructure! With Cloud BI we manage the resources necessary to achieve results and adapt to the levels of service that your organization requires.

With Cloud BI you can deploy dashboards, reports, share information without third-party software. It is unified platform that already includes the visualization tools.

Cloud BI is a flexible, pay-as-you-go solution with no need for long-term contracts. It adapts and grows with your needs.

Alejandro Treviño, Innovation Architect

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¿Do you want to be fast, agile and flexible in the generation of your analytics?