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Chabots, intelligent agents

intelligent agents


¿What's behind this trend?

The digital transformation is something that must be implanted in the DNA of modern companies, those prepared to adopt new technologies or those willing to break the status quo have competitive advantage that will help them to be more productive, more efficient and effective, to reach more customers and increase sales, very important also to reduce costs and make better use of resources.

With our intelligent agent platform (archabbots) we provide our customers with a new way to interact with their consumers.

At Axity, we give our chatbots their own personality aligned with the identity that our client’s business wishes to transmit.

As people interact with this type of services, they stop perceiving it as virtual agent, available 24 hours a day, becoming another contact with which they can converse naturally.

With an intelligent agent we enable conversational interface, which has an accelerated adoption since it is the way in which human beings interact, chat, send voice messages and converse.

Using artificial intelligence, we teach our chatbots to converse, we train them to know how to respond to certain intentions of users and mainly how to integrate naturally with the business.

The cases of application of a chatbot do not have limits, we can have one that attends services of help desk, one that follows orders or purchase orders, one that is by itself a new and dynamic sales channel, another that provides us with our bank account statement or through which we can apply for a credit card, another that is an intelligent personal assistant within the mobile applications, in short the imagination is the limit, the AI enables scenarios that before would have been very difficult to implement.

As an immediate benefit we reduce the direct costs in repetitive tasks that today are performed by complex and inefficient processes, with the latter we can enable human capital in more specialized activities taking advantage of each resource in what can best helps.

“Smart agents or chatbots are enablers of our business that allow us to reduce costs and reach more customers in modern and attractive way”

Oscar Garcia, Technical Specialist & Software Architect at Axity

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Cloud Solutions

Cloud services greatly reduce implementation costs by democratizing machine learning while streamlining and simplifying its implementation. With the help of the cloud, we can provide our bot with capabilities such as identifying objects, understanding handwritten text, identifying license plates, transcribing videos, and more, achieving an intelligent agent with which we can transmit the naturalness of human interaction.

¿Are you thinking of implementing Chabot in your company?