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BOC, Business Operation Center

BOC, Business Operation Center


¿Why did BOC come up?

Technology has expanded exponentially throughout the organization and the way IT manages that technology as well, but the functions remain the same.

Applications that were once monolithic now contain a range of components that mix with each other: security, cloud. . .

The need arises to create BOC to align business needs in the IT area, so that company’s technological innovation efforts are not decentralized and out of control.

BOC is the integration of all functions of administration, operation and monitoring of IT elements to manage business processes.

Antonio Guerrero, Chief Transformation Officer at Axity

Antonio Guerrero, Chief Transformation Officer en Axity

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  • Continuously automate the IT area
  • Auto discover computer assets
  • Monitor what was not previously monitored
  • Monitor and manage hybrid environments
  • Monitor and manage external elements
  • Manage the service desk
  • Make field workers more efficient
  • Enable analytics for decision making 

In short. . .  

To coordinate the technological efforts of the organization in a process of continuous improvement with the best practices and attending to the needs of the business.

¿Do you want to align technological innovation efforts with your company’s business strategy?