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BEO. Business Environment Optimization

Business Environment


¿Why have we created

When a company has different devices and systems, incident response times are long due to platform disparity and on-automation. In addition, there is high operating cost with multiple tools. This results in integration problems between monitors, management and IT tools. This puts companies at risk of not being able to react in time.

¿What do we get with BEO?

Simplify integration

Allows connection between monitors of different Cisco products, current connections: DNA Center, App Dynamics, CMX, Meraki and Cisco Prime.

Create a Reactive Platform

Allows to react in case of incidents, generates tickets automatically in Service Now and Remedy, allows to do autoremediations.

Make Predictions

Allows to take historical information to predict incidents in the future.

Simplify reporting

Provides summary reports of the different platforms, reports can be parameterized.


360° visibility

Provides 360° visibility by taking information from the various monitors on a single platform.

Reacts in real time

Reacts to an incident, generating service ticket.

Incident prediction

Gives the user visibility into the probability of incidents, using Machine Learning to predict incidents.

¿Who are you helping?

• Networking

• IT Operations

• Security

• APPS Development


¿ Are you interested in implementing a Business Environment Optimization project?

At Axity we help you with the integration of monitors and management tools that will minimize attention time, risks and costs.