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IT STAFFING Professional Services

Walter Jaramillo, IT Services Manager at Axity Chile, talks about the benefits of this practice in the industry

The importance of having IT professionals

It is not a novelty to point out that there is a shortage of Human Capital specialized in IT in the Region. Many media indicate that the deficit exceeds 25%, and for the future the scenario does not seem to improve. It is the work of all the players in this Industry, to show the importance and determination of the qualified human factor in the development and growth of any economy.

Today, finding the ideal professional with the technical skills and experience required could be a daunting task if you do not have networks, a suitable partner, a qualified attraction team and knowledge of the labor market in the region. The Digital Transformation and migration to Cloud platforms, puts a challenge to us who are immersed in this activity.

The best IT professionals on demand

The challenge of medium and large companies in the region is to march towards Digital Transformation, either to innovate their products and services or to keep up with large international competitors, such as Amazon, Glovo or Uber. So, we know that there is going to be an acceleration in the Digital Transformation process and the only way in which companies will be able to supply their demands for qualified professionals is by having a clear and defined strategy of Attraction and Selection of Talent.

At Axity, we have the necessary methodology to provide this service. Our networking and presence in the IT market allows us to deliver the best candidates in the expected times.

The Staffing Service of Axity Chile consists of the Attraction, Selection and supply of IT professionals, in order to form and manage multidisciplinary work teams, in traditional methodologies or agile format, remotely or in person, always complying with the regulations of Outsourcing.

Some benefits of Staffing

Efficient access to highly qualified professionals, with clear and technically validated references.

Minimize the cost in the talent attraction process, our clients can know in advance the cost of the service, therefore it becomes flexible and variable according to their demand, with which they can focus entirely on their Core Business.

The market will always value companies that are willing to meet the needs of their customers and that from that point build customized solutions that combine time, quality and specialization. In this sense, the IT Professional Services area of ​​Axity Chile has processes and the necessary experience to deliver in the ideal time responses to the requirements of IT specialist professionals, so that they can join the operation or in new projects of our customers.

ISO 9001: 2015 standard

At Axity we are certified under the ISO 9001: 2015 Standard.

For the IT Professional Services Unit, it is vital to have a Quality management system (such as the ISO 9001 standard) and that allows us to be more agile when making decisions. This standard is based on tests and cases already reviewed, and also has integrated processes that allow it to be more cost-efficient. It is important to us that our clients feel calm and confident, knowing that our Professional Services will be globally certified.

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