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Pablo Gómez, CEO Global Axity

Pablo Gómez
CEO Global Axity

Pablo Gómez
CEO Global Axity

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One more achievement in its trajectory. . .

Axity, a Latin American company leader in Digital Transformation, confirms the appointment of Pablo Gómez Benet as Global CEO of the company, recognition of his ability and competence to lead this company specializing in Information Technology and Communications.

Pablo Gómez has a recognized experience in the Information and Communication Technologies sector, the result of a wide trajectory in which he stands out as founding partner and general director of Spir-It since November 2009 and 16 years of previous work in EDS, a global company that created the Outsourcing of Information Technologies, where he occupied different directive positions at local level in Mexico and regional leveling Latin America/USA having in charge more than 12,000 people. In mid-2017 Pablo assumed the role of CEO for Axity in North America where 2,000 of the company’s 4,000 employees are concentrated.

Axity was formed by Southern Cross Group’s private equity fund and a group of IT entrepreneurs through the integration of Latin American IT companies. It currently has a presence in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina and the United States and has a team of 4,000 collaborators that serve more than 400 clients in Latin America and the United States, offering ad hoc solutions for digital transformation.

The experience acquired throughout trajectory of more than 35 years allows Axity to offer an end-to-end portfolio of services and integral solutions to respond to the demands of large companies in Latin America and the United States in their Digital Transformation processes.

Axity also has long-standing and deep strategic alliances with recognized technology manufacturers such as Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, and BMC Software, among others. It has proven capabilities in strategy, technological infrastructure, information management and software development center with more than 300 programmers and the highest certification in the field -CMMi5.

Pablo has extensive experience in the subject and has shown great leadership and innovation capacity in the industry, but, above all, Axity will be guided by a man with vision, an impeccable reputation and adherence to the highest ethical and human values. For Pablo success and happiness go hand in hand and as he himself has expressed “Be successful, you have to be happy. To be happy you have to love deeply what you do, the rest is given only”.

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