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Axity and Cisco Mexico, together towards the digital summit

Axity and Cisco Mexico,
together towards the digital summit

Our success with CISCO continues

The first half of the Cisco fiscal year has been excellent for Axity’s sales and consulting team, reflecting an extraordinary relationship with our business partner Cisco and a total alignment and commitment to the achievement of our joint business plans.

Axity’s results didn’t take long to show up:

  • We got 3rd place in projects sold YTD (bookings). If we take into account that the first two places are occupied by Carriers, it means that Axity occupies the 1st place as a Cisco Partner in Mexico among system integrators.
  • Sales results in Mexico represent a 300% increase with respect to the same period of the previous year.
  • Cybersecurity: Axity is Cisco’s primary Partner for Cybersecurity initiatives with 194% growth in Bookings over the same period last year.

More than 20 years as
a Cisco Gold Partner

We have more than 20 years of relationship with Cisco which translates into more than 200 certified collaborators in Cisco solutions, far exceeding the requirements to be in this category. If there was a diamond level, we’d definitely be there.

We have the following number of certified professionals:

Unique Certified Employees
Advanced Architecture Specialization
Hybrid IT Service
Master Security Partner

Axity and Cisco, a high-performance team 

to meet the Digital Transformation in Mexico

From left to right: Armando Castro, Partner Account Manager of Cisco | Guillermo García, Director of Enterprise Sales of Cisco | Pablo Gómez Benet, CEO of Axity | Clara Alejandre, Director of Alliances Axity | Isidro Quintana, Country Manager of Cisco Mexico | Francisco Naranjo, Director of Channels of Cisco Mexico | Antonio Arias, General Manager of Axity Mexico and USA.

“Our relationship with Cisco goes far beyond the requirements they ask to their business partners. Axity has more than 200 certified Cisco technology engineers and a Development Center with more than 400 consultants, demonstrating our clear commitment to Cisco technologies integrated into more comprehensive solutions that deliver a differential value to our customers.

Clara Alejandre, Director of Alliances at Axity.


Our achievements don’t stop here

If we look at Axity’s sales growth in the different Cisco segments, we find the following:

  • Enterprise Segment: Axity moved from 2nd place to the 1st place
  • Commercial Segment: From place 26 to 10
  • Public Sector Segment: From place 36 to 14

We would like to thank our sales, pre-sales and consulting teams for making this achievement possible and all our clients for trusting on us.

“The results for the first half of the year have been extraordinary. We are at 97% of the goals set at the beginning of the year which is a reflection of Axity’s ability to exceed its targets and a clear indication of how far we can go. We will continue to work to support our clients in their Digital Transformation processes. “

Pablo Gómez, CEO of Axity.


Cisco architectures we work with at Axity

Enterprise Networking

We cover connectivity with innovative SD-WAN connectivity solutions, wireless networks and traditional solutions, creating integrated environments for our customers and maximizing their business uptime.


We create collaborative spaces where companies can work safely from anywhere; we help with all new initiatives and we adapt solutions for the cost-benefit of our customers, encompassing efficient collaboration networks for business productivity.


Our services are based on keeping information secure. How do we do it? We have expert consultants for the analysis of information and environments of our customers, complemented by a SOC, Security Operation Center, with capacity to manage, analyze and mitigate attacks. We cover the cycle of market’s best practices such as analysis, containment, mitigation and resolution covering a broad portfolio of solutions.

Data Center

We create, design and implement state-of-the-art data center models, whether private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds or multi-cloud environments where the great advantage for our clients is that these services are elastic and productive, optimizing their operation and minimizing the response times of applications for the development and optimization of their business.

“As a complement to these lines of business, at Axity we are developing solutions around Cisco technologies designed for the business, technology and industries”

Antonio Guerrero, CTO de Axity.

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In addition to the achievements of this first semester, Axity has been Partner of the Year 2018 for Cisco in the following countries and categories

  • LATAM: Enterprise
  • LATAM: Customer Success
  • LATAM: Architectural Excellence
  • MEXICO: Service Provider Architecture
  • COLOMBIA: #1 Partner of the Year
  • COLOMBIA: Public Sector
  • COLOMBIA: Service Best Performance
  • COLOMBIA: Product Performance

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