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Antonio Arias Robinson New General Manager in Axity Mexico and USA

Antonio Arias Robinson
New General Manager in Axity Mexico and USA

Mexico and the U. S. Celebrate Your Appointment

Pablo Gómez, share this great news with us:

I am very pleased to share with you the appointment of Antonio Arias as General Manager for our operation in Mexico and the United States, covering the position I left vacant when I took over as Axity CEO.

Antonio has more than 20 years of successful career in the world of consulting and technology. He spent 8 years at London Consulting as Director of Operations. In 2004, following his entrepreneurial instinct, he created consulting firm in Colombia that later merged with Axity. Already in Mexico, he took on several roles, the last of which was that of General Manager.

I had the pleasure of meeting Antonio upon my arrival at Axity and he has been a key member of my team since we started this project, I can’t think of someone better prepared and aligned to our vision to cover this very important role.

Without a doubt, Antonio’s personality and experience make him the ideal person to lead our team in Mexico and the United States: he knows in depth our capabilities, our human team, our clients and our culture. All these qualities will be key in the goal of bringing to our customers the digital transformation solutions we offer thanks to our portfolio of comprehensive services.

I thank you in advance for opening the door for Anthony as you have opened it for me.


An affectionate hug,

Pablo Gómez Benet

CEO Axity

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