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Axity on the media

Antonio Arias Robinson

New General Manager
of Axity Mexico and USA

Official statement Axtiy. 8 January 2019.

Axity in #CiscoLiveLA 2018

Cisco Live Channel. Imagine Intuitive. December 2018.

Our CEO, Pablo Gómez Benet, in an interview with Yazmín Barragán and Charlie GC at Cisco Live 2018, talks about the event, the relationship between Cisco and Axity, solutions and some reference cases in the region.

Race IZZI Kardias 2018

October 2018.

Congratulations to all our clients and collaborators for their great support in the Race IZZI Kardias 2108, Gran Fondo Adolfo Lagos. The Axity team joined our client IZZI in this great cause for the hearts of Mexican children. Congratulations to our champion Luis Álvarez, for winning the 130 Km Crono Escalada.

IT Masters MAG. 23 Oct 2018.

Axity confirms Pablo Gómez Benet as Global CEO

CIO México. 25 Oct 2018.

Pablo Gómez Benet appointed Global CEO of Axity

Capitanes del Reforma. 31 Oct 2017.

This Captain Brings the Flag of Digital Transformation in Latin America

Pablo Gómez Benet

New Axity Global

Official statement Axtiy. October 22, 2018.

Big Data

Channel Eleven. Mexico September 2018.

Evodio Sánchez, BIG DATA expert and Information Management Strategy Manager at Axity Mexico, talks with Rocío Brauer, Juan Camilo Garay, Federico Carranza and Enrique Culebro.

Industry 4. 0

Ministry of Economy of Mexico. 13 June 2018.

Arturo Montiel, Industry 4. 0 Business Development Manager at Axity explains the features and benefits these solutions can bring to companies.

AXO Group Success Story

www.aptos.com. USA. March 2018.

See how Grupo AXO implemented the Aptos Singular Commerce Platform, with Axity’s help, to replicate the consumer experience in all its stores.

The good time of the IT&C sector in Colombia

El Espectador, Colombia. December 25, 2017.

Alberto Granados, Country Manager of Axity in Colombia, talks about the creation of Axity in Colombia, the challenges presented by the ICT industry in this country and the benefits that Axity will bring to the country.

2017 disruptors hit

Expansion Cover. Mexico Mexico December 2017.

In this edition of Los Disruptores, whichExpansión magazine presents every year, Axity was the success story they chose for the cover. Axity is a company with 4,000 collaborators that integrates technological solutions from beginning to end to achieve the digital transformations of its clients in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Peru and the United States.

Netmedia. 30 Oct 2017.

Axity is born to meet the Digital Transformation in Latin America

La República. 7 Nov 2017.

AXITY reaches the Latin market, integrating solutions for digital transformation

Excelsior. 31 Oct 2017.

AXITY reaches the Latin market, integrating solutions for digital transformation

CIO Perú. 8 Nov 2017.

Axity is born with solutions for digital transformation

Logística 360. Perú, 7 Nov 2017.

Axity is born, a regional ICT company that integrates solutions for digital transformation

El Mostrador, Chile. 5 Dic 2017.

Southern Cross Makes Millionaire Bet on Technology Industry

Pablo Gómez Benet talks about the launch of Axity

ExcelsiorTV Mexico. October 31, 2017.

Pablo Gómez, CEO of AXITY, speaks in an interview about the launch and operation of the company committed to the operation of technology and communications.

Axity, a company that sets the course for digital transformation

CIO Mexico. October 4, 2017.

Pablo Gómez Benet, CEO of Axity, spoke with CIO Mexico about the incursion of this new company in the Latin market, which seeks to consolidate itself as the main ally of organizations in the process of digital transformation in Latin America.

Southern Cross Group
enters the digital world with Axity

Expansion October 30, 2017.


Something about us

Welcome to Axity.

We are a Latin American IT and Communications Consulting company with more than 35 years of experience. In our company, 4,000 trained and certified professionals work in the following countries: Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina and the USA. We have more than 400 clients throughout the region, leading companies in the industries in which they operate.