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Success Success

Our employees are the key to our success

An organization alone cannot achieve its objectives; it needs people to help it achieve its goals.

Our employees are our most valuable asset, which is why at Axity we want our work teams to feel valued and motivated, with defined career plans and a balance between their work and personal lives. We want our employees to be happy.

Pablo Gómez Benet

To be successful,
you have to be happy.

Pablo Gómez Benet, CEO of Axity

For our CEO, the key to happiness is in his family, his true friends and the passion for what he does, values that are transmitted throughout our company.

We are committed to you

We get involved, we seek excellence, we persevere, we have a positive attitude, nothing stops us.

We understand that through teamwork, the results will be better. We recognize that the success of the team is our own, we add, we make synergy with colleagues and clients, we collaborate, we know when to take the lead and when to support.

We are curious, we ask ourselves what would happen if we make things different, we look for spaces, we propose changes, we accept the risk of making things different.

Compromiso Axity
Axity hacia donde vamos

Where are we going . . .

To have the best talent, entrepreneurial spirit and work with the most innovative technologies on the market to accelerate the creation of value opportunities for our customers.

We are the Information Technology company of reference in Latin America, led by values and recognized for our ability to transform and innovate.

4,000 professionals connected with the same purpose

Achieve a differential impact on the value of our customers

Eduardo Millán


Eduardo Millán, COO of Axity

In order to grow and develop, both personally and professionally, we have to take on new responsibilities. This has to happen within the context of Responsible Freedom, where we can make our own decisions but at the same time take responsibility for them. These two concepts, freedom and responsibility, always go hand in hand and so we must conduct ourselves in our day to day at Axity.

Our Cultural Flags

Banderas Culturales

Customer Value

We are focused on bringing Value to the Client and the organization.

Banderas Culturales

Common Purpose

We live our Values and share a Common Purpose

Banderas Culturales


We take risks, we propose, we learn, we persevere and we achieve what we set out to do.

Banderas Culturales

We communicate

We communicate honestly, clearly and transparently

We listen

We listen actively and empathically

Responsible freedom

We develop in an environment of Responsible Freedom


We grow when we make the Team grow


We bet on Talent and positive attitude


We foster relationships of Trust, Respect and Teamwork.

We deliver

We fulfill our commitments. You can always


We are committed to the long term, to customers, talent and society.


We admit Diversity in the definition and we are Loyal in the execution

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.

Joel Barker

At Axity we are committed to the development and well-being of our society and our environment.