alberto_balderasBy Alberto Balderas
Head of the Global Delivery Center
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  • There are more than three and a half million mobile applications available in manufacturers like Apple (1.5 million), Google Play (1.6 million), Amazon (400,000) and Windows Phone (340,000), and more than 80% from those mentioned are of free access. And by 2016, 94% of applications downloaded will be free.
  • In Mexico the use of mobile applications is becoming more and more widespread, due to the capability of the device and also of their decrease in price.
  • In the next years, a very important part of the operation of an organization will be supported by reliable and secure use of mobile applications.
  • In our country, the consolidation of communication platforms and access to mobile technology with greater capacity and lower cost has allowed the development of a greater number of applications for any use.Which platform to choose?Now that it is possible to develop an infinite number of applications, manufacturers have taken decision where companies have the difficult task of choosing which path to follow. This leads to establish criteria as the penetration and popularity of the platform, the type of application being developed and the proper elements of a mobile development such as usability, security and portability, among others.Among the most representative alternatives we have:-Apple (with his devices Ipod, Iphone and Ipad) and its platform who owns IOS and Objective C, also the Apple Store where we can find a little more than a million and a half applications of any type, where 90% of them are free.

    -Google with its Android platform, which in the last years has grown very solidly, improving the capabilities of their development environment, as well as carrying out trade agreements with several manufacturers like Samsung, Sony and Nokia. An advantage of its platform, it’s the native integration of the Office, Xbox and Explorer environment; this and also the integration of the Marketplace, where it is possible to have an access to a large number of applications such as music and videos.

    -Blackberry and RIM (Research in Motion) that although in recent years has been losing an important market share in the U.S. and Europe, in countries like Mexico and Latin America still retains a large base of installed equipment.


    “In the upcoming years, a very important share of the operation of an organization will be supported by reliable and secure use of mobile applications”


    As it can be seen, the diversity of alternatives has hindered the decision to choose the path to follow, this in terms of portability and the cost of developing a mobile application. For this reason, in the last years they have emerged multiplatform companies (like Adobe and others) that have developed technologies that can run almost natively within the hardware manufacturer. For over six years, Intellego had a vision in which the mobile application market would have a great development and scope. We currently have a team composed of talented and experienced Software Engineers that enable the development of native or cross-platform applications in order to increase the value and the return on investment for business initiatives of our clients.